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TOR offered intelligence sources a way to communicate easily and safely, especially in hostile areas where personal safety is key. It is now one of the most common browsers used to access the dark web, using databases to help people make their way around and find the information they need. Once your personal information is stolen and leaked through data breaches, it becomes scattered across the web, becoming impossible to delete that information from the internet.

Perhaps, though deep web and dark web are still young terms; those who currently confuse the two don’t have any strong biases either way, so these terms are far from skunked. It’s possible that, as people become more aware of the different entities they describe, confusion will die down. The deep technical nature of these terms might mean that the majority of English speakers will remain forever in the dark. The darkweb isn’t all illicit deals and seedy undertakings; it’s used for an array of purposes.

Although everyone can search and browse your bank’s website, it is impossible to access your actual bank account information without a password. Another example would be your email or social media account – the websites or platforms are both searchable, but your actual personal messages and information are not searchable for any user. Because the dark web has become a platform for buying and selling stolen personal and financial data, it can be dangerous to enterprises and individuals even if they never access it. For additional protection, enterprises should be on the lookout for indicators of dark web compromise. They also can consider dark web monitoring services that search through data available on the dark web for any related to their specific company or employees.

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The reason why the deep net provides this level of privacy for website hosts is that the .onion address that you use to access the website obfuscates the actual IP address of the server. This makes it impossible to track down the physical server under ordinary circumstances. There are a few websites like and Experian that allow you to look yourself up for free using an email address. When you read in the news about hackers stealing information from banks, tech companies, and hospitals, often that stolen information eventually ends up on the dark web. It’s a place for black markets and scammers who will often use these sites to steal your info or money.

is the dark web real

We do not recommend accessing the dark web unless absolutely necessary. Though it has some legitimate uses, it can also be used for more nefarious or illegal purposes. For more detailed information about what you might find there, check out our dark web case study, where you can find out how much stolen data is sold for, among other things. The name of this dark web browser comes from the method it uses to encrypt messages. The process repeats until the message arrives at its intended destination. While this technique keeps the dark web operations anonymous, it considerably slows down performance.

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Recently, even the BBC has launched its dark web version, which makes the website available even in regions where strict censorship is in place. An idea for a secret network inaccessible to regular users was first conceived in the 1990s to provide US operatives with a secure and untraceable channel of communication. For example, the dark web can help users communicate in environments or geographical areas where free speech isn’t protected. Dark web social media networks also exist, such as specialized clubs and BlackBook, which is considered the Facebook of Tor. If you imagine the web in three layers, at the very top would be the surface web, whose content is indexed by search engines like Google and Yahoo.

  • In July 2017, Roger Dingledine, one of the three founders of the Tor Project, said that Facebook is the biggest hidden service.
  • This will prevent any unwanted software being installed on your device.
  • Clickjacking attacks trick users into clicking on an element in a genuine webpage and, instead, taking to a clickjacking site.
  • Lately, hackers have been in the news due to attempts to sell stolen data on the dark web.
  • Additionally, you can contact the team to propose new listings.

It is true, though, that cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Monero, are often used for transactions on the dark web. But one does not have to use the dark web to use cryptocurrencies. Andrew Bloomenthal has 20+ years of editorial experience as a financial journalist and as a financial services marketing writer.

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Websites on the darknet don’t last long and are reincarnated often under a different name. As such, bad actors can replicate your data multiple times for profit. Although the deep web and the dark web may seem intimidating and dangerous, they’re actually surprisingly simple services to get started with and use.

is the dark web real

Tor (“The Onion Routing” project) network browser provides users access to visit websites with the “. This browser is a service originally developed in the latter part of the 1990s by the United States Naval Research Laboratory. Carrying on with the analogy, big search engines could be considered like fishing boats that can only “catch” websites close to the surface. Everything else, from academic journals to private databases and more illicit content, is out of reach. This deep web also includes the portion that we know as the dark web. The type of content that has the most popularity on the dark web is illegal pornography—more specifically, child pornography.

All dark web sites are hosted through the dark net and nearly all traffic is encrypted. Those who are working remotely from coffee shops using unsecured Wi-Fi networks sometimes end up sharing everything they do online with threat actors. People who click on malicious links on social media also freely share their personal information. The dark web plays a role in all the data breaches reported in the news. This is because cybercriminals like identity thieves buy, sell, and trade this information in dark web marketplaces and forums.

The price may also vary, depending on the nationality of the victim. Notoriously, WikiLeaks hosts a Tor hidden service where whistleblowers can make anonymous submissions. But even the New York Times, Facebook, and the CIA have their own Tor hidden services.

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You read more about the company’s history, and your heart swells when you learn that the company got its start when its three founders were only teenagers (what entrepreneurship!). They seem to have a pretty solid business model, and no major red flags are jumping out as you hop around the site a bit more. It helps you avoid risky websites known for malware infection, and blocks trackers and intrusive ads. Indeed, using the conventional surface web would be difficult without it. Pages like email inboxes and account management pages are all part of the deep web.

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Yes, it can be used to access the dark web (again, a subsection which isn’t illegal in itself anyway), but plenty of people use Tor for regular browsing too. All the dark web websites we’ve listed in this article will not be of much use to you unless you know how to access and use the dark web. So, before accessing the dark web, be sure you know how to do so safely and anonymously. After the Silk Road’s collapse, other marketplaces popped up to take its place. Since the dark web serves as both a hotbed for illegal activity and a platform for users to anonymously voice their thoughts freely, there is demand for its continued existence.