How To Get Into Dark Web

The dark web is more dangerous than the surface web, or the clear web, whatever you prefer to call it. As is obvious, if you engage in illicit or illegal activity on the dark web, then those acts will be considered illegal and could land you in legal trouble. In this article, we’ll talk about how to get on the dark web safely. But, before we get started, it’s important to explain what the dark web is. For many qualifying product subscriptions McAfee offers additional benefits for free when you are enrolled in auto-renewal. You can check your eligibility for these benefits in yourMy Accountpage.

  • Organizations are at risk of data theft by cybercriminals.
  • Also, it’s further hidden by various network security measures like firewalls and encryption.
  • On its own, no — but accessing it might be, depending on where you are.
  • ProtonMail – yes, you can even use ProtonMail on the dark web!
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The dark web is an unregulated and popular environment for illegal activity. As above, make sure you’re only visiting .onion sites you trust and don’t share any personal information. Approximately 90% of all websites are on the deep web, and many are used by entities such as corporations, government agencies, and nonprofits. What’s known as the dark web exists within the deep web; it’s an area of the internet that is only accessible by users who have a Tor browser installed. In general, most average internet users will never need to access content on the dark web, although it is perfectly legal to use Tor.

Tor Over VPN vs. VPN Over Tor: What You Need to Know

Some people simply prefer not to share any information online and use Tor to access normal websites outside the dark web, or to visit dark web news websites and forums. The Tor Project says that of the 2 million people using Tor every day, only 1.5% of them are accessing hidden, or dark, websites. And most dark web websites are in English — according to one estimate, a staggering 78% of information on the dark web is in English. Dark web domains tend to be inconsistent — new ones pop up and others disappear, which makes sense since some of these sites may be offering questionable or illegal goods and services. Conceal your IP address and encrypt your internet connection with a trustworthy VPN like Avast SecureLine VPN. Though they both provide encryption, a VPN and Tor are not the same thing. A VPN will prevent your ISP and anyone else from knowing that you’re downloading and using Tor Browser.

how to get into dark web

As such, bad actors can replicate your data multiple times for profit. Let’s say you want to go on the dark web to see what information of yours, if any, is floating around. You can install the TOR browser on your system by using a virtual private network. A VPN allows people to use a public network as if they were transmitting information on a private one. You can choose from many search engines that work on the dark web. The most famous is DuckDuckGo, fondly known as the search engine that doesn’t track you and doesn’t store your personal information.

Sites On Dark Web

That’s why it’s also called the invisible web or the hidden web. Specific browsers, such as Tor Browser, are required to reach the dark web. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. His expertise lies in the field of technology from both consumer as well as enterprise points of view.

how to get into dark web

The dark web lives on the Tor ecosystem and can only be accessed through the Tor browser. It’s a free, open-source software using a global network of servers to help you stay anonymous online. For instance, your Facebook posts are unindexed and won’t be found via a web browser.

Alpha Market Darknet

Another way to find dark web websites is to check your favorite surface sites first. But if you are going to buy something through the dark web, make sure all transaction-related communication happens through your dedicated, anonymous email address. Any links in the PDF will almost certainly be safe to follow.

This is far from ideal, as you really want to keep your darknet browsing 100% separate from your regular browsing. However, unfortunately, it’s the only option for iPhone and iPad users. Open the Search tab and change the default search engine from DuckDuckGo to DuckDuckGoOnion. If you prefer, you can move the toolbar (with the search bar and three-dot-menu) to the top like other browser apps by changing the setting in the Customize tab. Tor immediately gives you the option to Set Your Security Level without opening the security settings. As promised, I’ll also include the steps you should follow for setting up the Freenet overlay network.

Dark web content may be illegal

For example, you might notice unusual activity in your bank statements and email accounts. Any suspicious activity, no matter how small, must be taken seriously. People often confuse the dark web with cryptocurrencies, which are often used to make purchases there. The dark web makes it easier to set up and access websites that offer a high degree of anonymity for everyone involved.

While computers are designed to not make mistakes, hackers know that humans are prone to errors. That is why they exploit human error to gain access to a network and deploy ransomware. A popular way that hackers gain access to a network is through phishing attacks.